Disneyland and Universal Studios California

September 14-18, 2009

We had a great time seeing Mickey, Minnie and the whole gang! We visited Disneyland, Universal Studios and spent our last day at Long Beach. It was especially exciting because we had two scholarship recipients on the trip that had never been on a plane and had never seen the ocean before. Their eyes just lit up as they splashed around in the Pacific Ocean. It is moments like those that make our job a delight!

At Universal Studios we got pictures with Dora, Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob, plus we did the studios tour, saw the Shrek 4-D movie and the Water World show. The park was very accessible and the lines were short which made the day go smoothly.  At the Shrek 4-D movie, be ready for seats that move and water that splashes in your face which can startle people if they are not prepared for it.  If you don’t want to get wet at the Water World show, make sure you sit in the no-soak zone!  The show also has loud noises and fire which can also scare people if they are not ready for it.

Nicole and Dave together with Pluto!

Nicole and Dave together with Pluto!

Disneyland was a blast as always but the lines are a little bit longer than the ones at Universal. We saw the parade and had a nice lunch while we listened to a marching band play some famous songs from musicals. We went on the Buzz Light Year ride, we traveled around the park on the Disney train, we saw an interactive Star Wars show while we had a special snack, we went on It’s a Small World, and watched Honey I Shrunk the Audience.   The Buzz Light Year, Its a Small World and the Disney Train were all accessible, however with the train we had to wait for about 3 trains until there was a wheelchair space available for us.

The group had a great time, see our photos and become a fan of our HILLS, Inc. fan page on Facebook!

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