Facebook Fan Page and Social Media Benefits!

Not convinced about the benefits of social media?  We recently posted on our HILLS Facebook Fan Page that we were looking forward to our October trip to Graceland and Memphis Tennessee.  Seconds later we received an email directly from Graceland saying that they would have gifts waiting for us at guest services.  Polly, the executive director of HILLS, was a bit hesitant and honestly wasn’t sure if this was a scam.  So she called Graceland directly, and to her pleasant surprise, it was not a scam and in fact they did have a goody bag of treats waiting for HILLS clients at guest services.  Our gifts including Elvis Pez dispensers, Elvis stickers and Elvis pins which had our clients smiling from ear to ear!  Are you convinced on the benefits of social media now?!  Become a Fan of HILLS today!   www.facebook.com/hillsinc

You can also find us on Twitter at  http://twitter.com/HILLSinc

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