Legoland Accessibility (or lack there of)

Physicality = 3

Accommodations = 0

Service = 0

Total Score = 3/12

Legoland gets a big boooooo for lack of accessibility.  You would think that for $69 per entrance ticket, and NO discount of any sort for staff or non-profits or anything of that sort, they would be able to afford to make their rides accessible.  Legoland in general is great for small kids, probably ages 2-6, but honestly for our clients it was not worth the fee price.  Miniland USA was what the clients liked the most where you could see famous structures all built out of legos.  Throughout the park they also had really cool figures made out of legos.  But unfortunately there were a variety of rides that my participants wanted to go on but there were steps to get there and/or really hard maneuvering lines for wheelchairs.

There was plenty of accessible parking and it was right next to the entrance and very convenient.

Electric wheelchairs were $35 for a rental and manual were $12.

The family bathrooms were always the best options for wheelchairs to get in and out of.

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