Policies and Forms

The following information is very IMPORTANT so please ready carefully! All of our trips and programs are susceptible to date changes and price changes. Please verify with the HILLS staff about the dates and prices before signing up for a specific program.  Once you know which trip you would like to participate on, please email or call HILLS to tell us so we can put your name on the trip list (303-875-9149 or info@hills-inc.org).  We will also need a HILLS Consent Form for the year that you are going to travel which must be signed by the client or guardian.  You only need to fill out the Consent Form once each year, no matter how many trips you do in that year.  A deposit of $500 is needed to assure a spot on an overnight trip.  For day trips, you can pay prior or on the day of the activity.  All new clients are also required to meet with the Executive Director or the Program Director before their first overnight trip with HILLS so that we can get to know each client, and vice versa.  During that meeting, we will make sure we understand everything on your Consent Form, talk about what staff ratios work well for the client, and answer any specific trip questions you may have.  Remember, there is an additional cost for a client that needs 1:1 supervision due to high medical or high behavior needs (75% the advertised cost).


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