Behavior Policies

Please make sure that you are completely honest in filling out the Consent Form that we need so that we are aware of the needs of every client and what behaviors we can expect.  To assure the safety and enjoyment by all, clients are expected to follow instructions by our trip leaders at all times. We expect appropriate behavior and appropriate language at all times throughout our activities. HILLS staff reserves the right, at any time, to not allow a client to return to the HILLS programs due to behavior concerns.

In extreme cases, HILLS reserves the right to send a client home during the trip due to extremely inappropriate behavior, as deemed by HILLS trip leaders, however this is very unusual and in fact has never happened. All expenses related to sending a client home early will be covered by the client and/or their guardian.

HILLS does not tolerate physical or verbal abuse from one client to another or from one client to a trip leader or volunteer.  If a client were to demonstrate physical abuse to another person while on a trip (including hitting, biting, pinching, pushing), depending on the severity, the client may be sent home immediately.  If a client needs 1:1 support in order to prevent certain behaviors from occurring, please let us know.

If there are any challenging behaviors that the client has a history of, please let us know about them and what practices and policies are already in place so that HILLS may follow the same procedures that are followed on a day to day basis for the client.

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