Booking Procedures

HILLS requires a minimum of 5 clients in order to run any of our activities, therefore we reserve the right to cancel an activity at anytime, due to lack of enrollment. Full refunds will be made to clients if they paid for a trip that was unable to fill or they can be transferred to another trip of the client’s choice.

Delays or re-scheduling due to weather are out of our hands and HILLS will not be financially responsible for the consequences of those events.  For example if the group has to stay an extra night due to a snow storm, clients will be billed the additional charges incurred to HILLS for hotel, food, trip leaders, van rental, etc.. Partial refunds will be made for any cancellations of trips that are due to weather.  If a trip departure is delayed due to inclement weather or delayed by the airline, we will continue with the trip even if that means fewer days of travel.  The client will have the choice to continue on the shortened trip or to have a partial refund.

HILLS is very flexible with payment plans however all spaces on trips are on a first come first serve basis and without a deposit we cannot hold a spot for any client.  A $500 deposit for overnight trips is required to save a spot on a specific trip.  We can send invoices and receipts and we accept credit cards online or you can mail money orders and checks or deliver cash to our office.  For our day trips, clients can pay on the day of the trip with either cash, money order or check.

If a client makes a cancellation within 1 month of travel a partial and occasionally a full refund will be possible, however if the airfare has been purchased we cannot refund the airfare at all.

All clients must carry with them a valid state ID that has not expired and will not expire during the dates of travel. If the trip involves flying and the client does not have a valid ID, the client’s guardian or caregiver will be called to pick them up. If for some reason the client is not able to be picked up and the rest of the group therefore misses their flight, a minimum $500 fee will be applied to that client and/or guardian and could be more depending on what the airline charges us to change the entire groups tickets due to your mistake. No refunds will be made if a client misses a flight due to their own fault, such as being late.

HILLS is not responsible for any lost luggage by an airline or lost items by a client during any of our activities. We highly recommend that clients do not bring anything that is of great value to them, clients are 100% responsible for their own belongings. We will always document a description of the luggage that a client brings with them, in case an airline should lose their luggage at anytime.  Due to the potential of an airline losing luggage, we require that all clients allow trip leaders to hold onto their medicine in a carry-on bag during the days of travel.

As stated in our consent form, for any travel outside of the client’s state of residence, if the client ONLY has Medicaid they are not covered for medical emergencies and MUST pay an extra fee for HILLS to purchase additional medical coverage.  If you would like to purchase your own supplemental travel health insurance you may do so, however we will need a copy of that coverage stating the person’s name, dates of coverage, and limits/range of medical coverage that is included.

If a client has a medical emergency during our travel, the client is fully responsible for all costs incurred by that emergency and will be billed after the trip.  Whenever possible our staff will stay with that client at the hospital for as long as needed but if it involves staying at the hospital overnight and/or for multiple days we cannot guarantee we can stay with them the entire time and someone else will need to fly out to attend to their needs.

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