It is required that our HILLS Consent Form be filled out by the client and/or their guardian.  We will need full disclosure of all health and behavior information, including an up-to-date medication list, in order to safely work with each client.

If clients are on medications or daily supplements, we have trip leaders that are certified through the state of Colorado’s Medication Administration Program (QMAP) and we can safely administer medications to our clients.  Clients are always fully supervised when taking their medications, and each client’s medical intake will be documented by our staff on the forms given to us by caregivers (we will NOT accept original MARS forms).  Along with the passport itinerary sent to travelers prior to the trip, caregivers will receive a form outlining the administration of medications including dosage, frequency, and route. This form must be completed in it’s entirety & immediately given to your driver/trip leader along with your ID, money, and luggage. We will ONLY administer insulin shots or any other medical injections, including g-tube feedings, IF you have notified us that a CNA or RNA is needed for the trip.  We need at least 3 months advance notice for those that need g-tube support or insulin injections.  If clients are self-medicated, we will still need a list of their medications, doses, and times.

We prefer that you use a medical reminder box with a detailed list adhered to the back with the client’s name, DOB, medication name, dose, frequency, route, color and size.  Medical reminder boxes should be sent in a zip-lock bag or some sealed container.  Please send a minimum of 1 extra day’s worth of medication in case of weather delays.

If the agency you work with does not allow medical reminder boxes, please send the original pill bottles with sufficient pills for the entire trip plus 1 extra day of medication in case of an emergency.  Please have all pill containers in a zip-lock bag or a plastic container.  We also need the medication sheets that explain the medication, dosage and times of each administration of medicine.  If you need copies of our QMAP certification, it is your responsibility to ask for them and we will readily provide them to you.

If a client has any protocols, for example a seizure protocol, we must have photocopies of those.

All medications, even if a client is self-medicating, must be handed over to trip leaders at the airport.  Trip leaders will carry the medications on the plane because if an airline were to lose luggage we do not want any medications to be lost.  If a client has liquid medications, they must have a medication label on it and be in a separate zip-lock bag.

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