San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Accessibility

Physicality = 3

Accommodations = 4

Service = 4

Total 11/12

The zoo has an assistance program, which we found to be amazingly helpful.  If you give them a heads up of at least 3 weeks, they will provide you with a wheelchair pusher for free!  I do not know if it is policy or not, but our wheelchair pusher also gave us his employee discount of 20% off of all of our food and merchandise we purchased.  Also any assistants (whether family or staff) to people with physical or developmental disabilities get in for free (I wish Disney would take a lesson from the zoo in accessibility!)  Call guest services to sign-up for the wheelchair pusher 619-231-1515 ext. 4526.  Our assistant that pushed our client in a wheelchair turned out to basically be a private tour of the zoo.  We got to hear great stories about the animals, we didn’t have to worry about figuring out the map and where to go, and we covered the entire zoo which would have never happened without him.

Throughout the park if you need a shuttle to pick you up and drop you off at the variety of “bus stops” they will kindly do so.  There is also a double decker bus that is not accessible which you can stay on and see the majority of the zoo that way.

There is plenty of wheelchair accessible parking and there is a wheelchair loading and unloading area as well.

You can rent manual wheelchairs for $10 and electric for $20.

General suggestions:

Our assistant told us that throughout the month of October kids 11 and under are allowed in for free.  That being said I would not go in October as it is an inundation of kids and school groups!  The park opens at 9 am, we arrived at 9:30 on a Saturday and there were virtually no lines and there was plenty of parking up close.  By 10am the lines were getting quite a bit longer.

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