As part of our mission we aim to offer affordable programs for adults with developmental disabilities and TBI. For some clients however, it is still very difficult to be able to afford to participate. Our goal is to provide scholarships for clients on an as-needed basis so everyone can choose to travel, socialize, and learn skills to lead healthier and more independent lives.

If you are someone in need of a partial scholarship, please download our Scholarship Application and send it back to HILLS via email or postal mail.  We do not offer scholarships for our 1 day trips, just for our overnight programs.  If you are in need of a scholarship for one of our day trips or need more funding support than what we can offer you on our overnight trips, please contact Xcel Beyond, an organization where Denver residents can apply for a scholarship to use on one of our programs.

If you are someone who is able to provide a scholarship, please see our Donate page.


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