Become an individual or corporate sponsor of HILLS by providing a partial or full scholarship for one of our clients who will then get to participate in the trip of a lifetime! Another option is to become a sponsor for our annual BBQ or New Year’s Eve celebration and benefit all of our participants! 

Companies in return will receive free publicity by having information for their services placed on this web site as well as in our E-Newsletter which is distributed by numerous agencies and family support groups around the state, meaning your company will be seen by thousands!

Due to our clients’ disabilities and long term needs, it can be very difficult for their families or guardians to afford programs like ours that allow each and every individual the opportunity to explore new places, learn new sports, make new friends and raise the quality of their lives by gaining important skills to be independent and healthy. By choosing to sponsor a scholarship for one specific client, you will in return receive a picture and letter from the client and a HILLS staff member, explaining in the client’s own words, what their experience was like.

If you are interested in this opportunity to truly make a difference in the life of a special Colorado citizen this year, contact us today!

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