The HILLS Spotlight is on… David

david-spotlightDavid was our inspiration for starting HILLS and like many of the clients we have worked with has struggled with his weight and maintaining healthy lifestyle practices. But today, he is VERY happy to say, that he is a healthy person and loves to workout at the YMCA near his house in the Boston area! Here are his own words:

“Yes I like the Y, the bike is my favorite and the weights, and the trainers. The trainers keep track of information on the clipboard for me.”

When asked about what he eats differently now he said, “I eat apples, bananas, [at work] I take yogurt, bananas, Clementine’s, carrots, sandwiches, and no drinks… I fill up my water bottle with water.” At his last doctor’s visit he found out that in the last year he has lost 10 pounds!

He looks forward to participating in our trips here in Colorado because he wants to, “go to parks, go biking in Colorado, and lift weights in a workout room.”

David is a great role model for leading a fun and active life and that is why the HILLS Spotlight is on him!

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